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Stainless Steel Specialists par excellence


“There never was a good knife made of bad steel”

– Benjamin Franklin

We advise, design, manufacture and install mainly stainless steel products such as balustrades, staircases, boat accessories, bull bars and roll bars. Our main commodity is stainless steel, but we also work with plain steel. To handle stainless steel properly, requires a special skill which not every welder has.

Where are we?

Our workshop is in the Industrial Area on the eastern side of the Goukou River running through the town. Stilbaai is a fast growing coastal town in the Hessequa area of the Garden Route in the Western Cape province of South Africa. We bought the business from its previous owners and changed its name to Stainless Steel Worxshop. We make use of quality materials and our precision fabrications speak for themselves.

How do we operate?

Our products are designed and fabricated to every individual customer’s requirements and specifications. Bring your need for any article or item for your home, your vehicle, your boat, your business to us and we will design, manufacture and install where necessary.

Let us manufacture and install a stainless steel braai complete with chimney and weather vane in your new house. Or jazz up your new bakkie with stainless steel bull bars and roll bars.

Moreover, allow us to install a custom designed fishing rod holder in your fishing charter boat. We could even help you with extractor fans in your newly renovated restaurant kitchen.

Discuss with us your plan, your dream, your specifications and we will do the rest.

Who are our clients?

Since we are situated in Stilbaai, the majority of our clients come from the Stilbaai/Jongensfontein area. This is not the only coastal town around where people own boats and trailers and bakkies and need stainless steel accessories. The non-corrosive property of stainless steel makes it the perfect material from which to manufacture such accessories.

Furthermore numerous people from all over the country own holiday homes in Stilbaai or Jongensfontein. Many of them own boats, trailers and bakkies which they might want to equip with stainless steel accessories. There is no better time to attend to such needs and there is no company better to approach to do the job.

New home-owners, builders, architects and engineers are also among our clients. Stilbaai is a growing town which results in many new buildings being erected. We are proud to mention that staircases, balustrades and handrails, custom designed, manufactured as well as installed by Stainless Steel Worxshop adorn many a home in the area.

The Man with the Steely Reputation

Our stainless steel wizard, Johnny O’Neill, is a fully qualified and certified Red Seal Coated Welder. He has gained more than 15 years of experience, some of which he spent in the agricultural industry manufacturing farming equipment such as conveyor belts, hammer mills, poultry feeders, etc. The rest he spent in the mining industry where he designed and installed extractor fans used in the ventilation in mines.

Not every welder has the ability to work properly with stainless steel. Johnny, though, is a stainless steel specialist. As welder specialising in stainless steel work, he knows the different grades, common uses as well as basic properties of stainless steel. He understands the principles of bending, welding, machining, pressing and drawing as well as cutting when working with stainless steel. He also applies correct procedures for welding and adheres to guidelines.

attributes of our success

State of the art equipment

Our trained and experienced workmen use of state of the art machinery and equipment in the workshop. All the necessary equipment, machines as well as tools needed to cut, fold, bend, punch, stamp and weld are available and always in safe working order.

Understand the properties of steel

We know that all materials have their own characteristics which we need to understand to use them. Our welders understand the properties of the metals they work with. With their specialised welding skills they work magic with stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Worxshop Boat accessories

appreciate a challenging project

Our work will quickly become monotonous if we didn't receive a challenging project every once in a while. A project which challenges our abilities to work with extreme precision to create the perfect balance needed for the item to function properly.

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