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Stainless Steel Boat Accessories

Our business is situated in a coastal town which is also a popular holiday destination. Lots of South Africans, and even some people from abroad, own holiday homes in Stilbaai and its small neighbouring coastal town, Jongensfontein. The town of Stilbaai has developed around the estuary of the Goukou River where it flows into the Indian Ocean, making boating and deep sea fishing a popular activity.

We invite owners of boats of all types and sizes, rubber ducks, yachts, motor and ski boats, fishing charter boats, pleasure boats, etc. to bring their boat accessory needs to us. We specialise in custom designing and manufacturing boat accessories using stainless steel for our products. Although it is more expensive, we seriously advise in favour of stainless steel for its non-corrosive nature. Boats and water go hand in hand which means plain steel will soon start corroding and will not only look bad, but will eventually break.

There are endless things one can add to your boat to make it safer such as grab rails and guard rails, or functional items such as fishing rod holders and boarding ladders. Furthermore there are ways in which you can protect vulnerable areas such as a stainless steel cap to cover the motor skeg or stainless steel cladding on the high-wear areas of the gunwale.

You only have to glimpse at our photos to admire the style and elegance of a fishing boat fitted out with various stainless steel accessories. We can transform your boat into such an attractive and well-clad lady too. Talk to us, we just love a challenge!

Stunning and useful things we can add to your boat

Stainless Steel Worxshop can design, manufacture and install any stainless steel accessory you can dream up for your boat according to your specifications. Some possibilities:

  • Guard rails and grab rails
  • Propellers
  • Anchors
  • Outboard motor brackets
  • Skeg cover for protection
  • Wake-board towers
  • Push plates
  • Boarding ladders
  • Gunwale protective cladding
  • Ski bars
  • Fighting chairs
  • Standing battle stations
  • Boat fishing rod holders
  • Revamp boat trailers as well as regular trailers
Boat Fishing Rod Holders
Keep those rods stacked neatly out of the way while not in use with our elegant custom made stainless steel fishing rod holders.
Boat Propellers
Replace that worn, damaged or broken propeller on your boat with our shiny brand new custom made stainless steel propeller.
Boarding Ladders
Embark and disembark safely, comfortably and gracefully with the assistance of one of our stylish stainless steel boarding ladder.
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Stainless Steel motor vehicle accessories

There are many reasons why people want to install accessories on their vehicles as well as a lot of accessories to choose from. Some of these are for protection of the vehicle while others are for protection of the occupants of the vehicle, such as bull bars and roll bars. Some are for the purpose of performing a duty such as roof carriers and fishing rod holders.

We believe that, since you are spending money on such accessories, you could just as well install something that enhances the look of your vehicle. And have such items manufactured from stainless steel, because, although it is more expensive than carbon steel, it is non-corrosive (which is important in coastal areas) and also does not stain. Moreover, it looks stunning on a vehicle! You just have to glance at the pictures and you will have to appreciate the difference it makes. Right before your very eyes your bakkie develops an attitude!

Since we custom design and manufacture every item, we can fabricate accessories for all vehicles, makes and models. Bring your car, SUV, bakkie, truck, minibus, bus, motorbike and trailer and we will take care of your needs.

Before you decide that you will not be able to afford stainless steel accessories, first talk to us about your needs and let us give you a free quote. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much you can actually fit into your budget.

Stunning and useful things we can add to your vehicle

Stainless Steel Worxshop will custom design, fabricate and install any stainless steel addition you want on your bakkie, car, truck, bus, trailer and motorbike. Some possibilities:

Roll Bars
These bars are installed on bakkies and open cab vehicles to offer more protection should the vehicle roll over.
Bull Bars
Frontal protection for your vehicle. We design and fabricate according to your instructions and vehicle.
Roof racks or carriers
We can fabricate a stainless steel roof rack for transporting your kayak, bicycle, fishing rods, camping gear, etc.
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  • Bull bars – frontal protection for your vehicle
  • Roll bars – added protection to the cab roof
  • Nudge bars or push bumpers
  • Tow bars
  • Side bars or side steps especially for larger vehicles
  • Slide bars – side damage protection
  • Rear steps – provide a stepping surface
  • Grille guards – protecting the grille and headlights
  • Rear bumper protectors
  • Fishing rod holders for your bakkie
  • Roof racks/carriers
  • Bicycle roof racks
  • Kayak roof racks
  • Fishing rod roof carriers
  • Roof rails and brackets
  • Revamp any kind of trailer

Boat skeg protector

Stainless Steel Worxshop Boat accessories

We can custom-make an outboard motor skeg guard or cap for your boat that fits like a glove using marine grade stainless steel. This either protects the skeg against damage, or repairs one already damaged.

Gunwale protection

The gunwale is the top edge of a boat hull and therefore very vulnerable. Let us over the high-wear area with stainless steel to protect the gunwale against rubbing, scraping and impact damage.

Boat Grab & guard rails

Boot Grab Rails

It is critical to have something to grab and hold on to when moving around the deck of a boat. As a safety precaution, let us manufacture and install stainless steel grab rails in different places around your boat.

bakkie & car fishing rod holders

Car fishing rod holders

We custom design rod holders to fit on the nudge bar or tow bar of your vehicle. This offers a practical and safe way for you to transport your fishing rods to the fishing spot.

Bakkie Side steps & running boards

Running Board

Make it easier for children, short people as well as older people to get into your bakkie with our stylish custom made stainless steel side steps and running boards.

Vehicle Roof racks for kayaks & canoes

Stainless Steel Roof Racks

You don’t need a bakkie to transport your kayak or canoe from your home to the landing. Let us make a custom designed stainless steel kayak roof carrier for you car.

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