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Our business is cast in steel
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Steel is steel…or is it not?

Not at all! There are four types of steel, namely carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and tool steel. At Stainless Steel Worxshop we work with carbon steel and stainless steel. There are various grades of carbon steel depending on the amount of carbon added to the iron and each grade possesses its own properties. We understand the characteristics of each grade and are competent to work with any grade of carbon steel.

Most of the stainless steel items or articles we produce, we can also manufacture from plain or mild steel. Plain steel is easier to work with as well as less expensive. The main advantage of using stainless steel in coastal areas, of course, lies within its non-corrosive nature. There are ways, though in which one can treat steel to delay the process of corrosion, e.g. galvanising the steel.

The grade of steel we choose from which to manufacture your article is based on our understanding of the qualities of each grade. Thus we will use the grade that will offer the best performance as well as ensure that your product is of the best quality.

Our equipment, machinery and tools are state of the art and our workmen are well trained and experienced in the use of these instruments and machines. We also adhere to the prescribed safety procedures in the workshop to protect our customers, ourselves, our workers as well as our products.


Steel Palisade Fencing
We buy and install prefabricated palisades because those come cheaper. Though,if you have specific needs, we will custom make and install them.
Security Gates & Burglar Bars
Entrance Gates, doors and windows are not always of a standard size or shape. We can custom make safety gates and burglar bars to fit your windows and doors.
Steel Brackets & Support Braces
Try us for any special brackets, support braces and hangers/hooks you need and can't find in the shops – we can custom make it for your purpose.
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Stainless Steel Worxshop has welders with specialised welding skills as well as a broad range of experience which enables us to guarantee our workmanship. Our clients are from the residential as well as commercial sectors. We custom design, manufacture and also install where necessary for clients from the residential as well as business sectors.

To owners of any kind of trailer, boat trailers, bike/quad trailers, luggage trailers, garbage trailers, etc. We revamp and repair trailers, attending to things such as the winch stand and mount, coupler, keel roller brackets, fender brackets, frame and more.

Only some of the vast list of possible ways we can turn your need into sheer delight:

  • Protective steel cages – for different purposes such as gas bottles, generators, air conditioners, garbage, etc.
  • Washing lines – stand alone rotating lines, wall mounted lines, fold up laundry stands, custom manufactured to fit into your available space.
  • Revamp and repair trailers – different trailers like boat trailers – winch stands and mounts, different brackets, etc.
  • Steel brackets and support braces, ladder hangers, gate latches, etc.
  • Steel palisade fencing and palisade gates – we buy prefabricated panels and gates and install for you because it is cheaper.
  • Custom designed and fabricated fencing and entrance gates as well as garden gates if prefabricated palisades is not adequate, or if that is the requirement of the client.
  • Steel security gates and burglar bars – not all doors and windows are of standard size or shape. We custom design and manufacture safety gates and burglar bars according to your needs.
  • Steel tables, folding steel tables, counters, etc.
  • Trolleys of different kinds such as shop trolleys, luggage trolleys, flat bed cargo trolleys, folding cargo trolleys.
  • Domestic and industrial wall and ceiling extractor and ventilation fans for bathrooms, restaurant kitchens, showers, toilets, ablution blocks, etc.
  • Work benches designed and custom made to fit your designated space.
  • Steel cladding/covering of vulnerable places, e.g. on walls to protect them against bumping, scraping, dirt and other damage.

And so on, and so forth, the list goes on and on… There is practically no end to what we can manufacture for you from steel. All you need do, is ask.

Revamp & Repair Trailers

Boat Trailers

Trailer owners, we also revamp and repair any trailer such as boat trailers, bike/quad trailers, etc. Typical work includes the winch stand, trailer framework, jack stand, coupler, different brackets and more.

Protective Steel Cages

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Protect your gas bottles, generators, air conditioners, CCTV cameras, external security lights, etc. against theft and vandalism. Let us custom fabricate a steel cage or cover for your expensive equipment.

Washing Lines

We custom manufacture washing lines to fit into your designated space. Not only rotating washing lines, but also wall mounted lines and fold-up laundry stands. We accommodate all your needs.

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