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*manufacturing General Stainless Steel products
*fabricating Stainless Steel Boat & vehicle accessories
*manufacturing general plain Steel products

We advise, design, fabricate and install stainless steel as well as plain steel products according to customer requirements and specifications. Our expertise, however, lies in stainless steel products which, although more expensive, will last better at the coast because of it's non-corrosive nature. We make use of high quality materials and state of the art equipment to bring about the perfect products with which we delight our customers. The size of your project does not matter to us, we pour the same enthusiasm and energy into every object we create.

Stainless Steel and plain steel manufacturing and installation

Stainless Steel Products

We specialise in the design, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel products. It requires a special skill to work with stainless steel, and not every welder possesses this skill. Our business is fortunate to have a Red Seal certified welder who has honed his skills to the point where he has become an expert with stainless steel.

Homes and  Businesses

His competence can be seen in his every creation and many a home is adorned with elegant stainless steel balustrades, staircases, handrails or built-in braais fabricated by his crafty hands. 

We also create products for businesses, e.g. extractor fans as well as a practical and appealing sanitiser holder and dispenser stand. Johnny applies meticulous precision to every step of every project, from the design to the installation.  He takes great pride in his work, therefore he guarantees his workmanship.


Vehicle Accessories

Apart from creating attractive, strong and graceful stainless steel items to beautify your new home, he also enjoys adorning your vehicle. Around the coast it is advisable to use stainless steel for such accessories because of its non-corrosive nature. We custom design and make accessories on any vehicle, be it a car, bakkie, lorry, bus, trailer or even a motorcycle. Although these accessories are for the protection of the vehicle against damage as well as as the safety of its passengers, they also add to its appeal. Come to us for bull bars, roll bars, slide bars, bumper protectors, nudge bars, tow bars and lots more.

Boat Accessories

Situated in a coastal town, we serve a community of which many inhabitants own boats of various types. We design, fabricate and install stainless steel accessories on any boat, be it a yacht, rubber duck, fishing charter boat, ski boat or motor boat. Such accessories are for the protection of your boat against wear and tear, to equip the boat for a specific purpose, or to add to the safety of the occupants. Visit us for a new stainless steel propeller, anchor, protective skeg cover, fishing rod holder, boarding ladder, grab rails, protective gunwale covers, outboard motor brackets, ski bars and more.

Plain/Mild Steel Products

At Stainless Steel Worxshop we prefer working with stainless steel although it is more expensive, because plain steel does not last long in coastal areas. There is too much humidity in the air which causes steel to rust and eventually break.

We will make plain steel products, though if that is the request of the client. It is easier to work with plain steel or mild steel, but we will advise against it, especially if the item or product is for exterior use.

We design, manufacture and install plain/carbon steel products according to client specifications. Of course we prepare the product against rust as well as possible. Typical examples of our plain steel work are reparations on trailers, rotating stand alone washing lines, wall mounted washing lines and also fold up laundry stands. Steel brackets and support braces, ladder hangers, gate latches, fences, garbage cages, gas bottle cages, and lots more.

Stainless Steel

We custom design and fabricate any stainless steel article you need.  Examples of possible products are balustrades, staircases and handrails as well as stunningly designed loose-standing and built-in braais and fireplaces. Also client specified braai grids with adjustable depth, round or rectangular and other braai utensils and lots more.

Stainless Steel
Boat & vehicle

Accessories on motor vehicles mostly driven in coastal areas as well as on boats should be manufactured from stainless steel which doesn’t rust. Examples of such accessories are bull bars and roll bars on bakkies and fishing rod holders on boats as well as bakkies. Also boat propellers, boarding ladders and skeg protective cladding. etc.

plain steel

Although we prefer stainless steel, we also manufacture items from plain steel. We advise for stainless steel at the coast even though it is more expensive, because of its non-corrosive nature. Examples of plain steel products we produce are rotating loose-standing or wall mounted washing lines or fold up laundry stands, brackets and more.

Informative titbits

Hands-free sanitiser stand

Our company has joined the battle against the COVID-19 virus by fabricating an elegant and trendy hands-free stainless steel sanitiser dispenser stand, complete with stainless steel base plate, foot pedal, bottle holder and spray mechanism. We are proud of our handy product which we have designed to adorn the entrance of any business, shop, restaurant, doctor's office, etc.

custom manufacturing

We manufacture stainless steel as well as plain steel articles to customer requirements. Your need, your specifications, your plan, your order, your dream. Our only requirement is that it must be made of steel, preferably, of course, stainless steel. We custom design, manufacture and install any steely thing for your house, vehicle, business, boat and trailer. Your request is our command.

Red seal welder

Our welder, Johnny, is fully qualified and Red Seal certified with close on two decades of experience. He also possesses the specialised skill to work with stainless steel which not every welder and his mate can do properly. He has gained his valuable experience working in the agricultural and mining industries manufacturing farming equipment as well as huge extractor fans for mines.

Stainless steel braais

One of our strengths in stainless steel work, is the different types of braais we manufacture on order. Our built-in braai with chimney and weathervane included, we believe, greatly enhances the look of any room. We also custom design and fabricate free-standing as well as movable braais. Our very popular braai grids are custom-made to your specifications regarding size, shape, adjustable depth, etc.

Revamp & repair Trailers

We invite trailer owners to bring your trailers for any steel related improvement, refurbishment, overhaul or reparations on your trailer. All types of trailers are welcome, such as boat trailers, quad and bike trailers, luggage trailers, garbage trailers, etc. Steelwork on trailers includes aspects like the framework, jack stand, winch post, coupler, keel roller as well as fender brackets, etc.

palisade fencing

Prefabricated palisade panels and gates are cheaper, therefore we will buy and install those at your request. Should you require something different, of should the prefabricated panels not suit your needs, we will custom manufacture palisade or other prescribed steel fencing and gates to suit your requirements and specification. Our most important concern is the satisfaction of our clients.

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